Travel With Chanel: Should You Buy This Travel Makeup Palette?

Travel With Chanel?

A Chanel box

Travel With Chanel:

Chanel’s Makeup Essentials with Travel Mascara in Harmonie de Camélias


LOL! I just had to get that out of the way. In this particular situation with this product you should not travel with Chanel. I LOVE Chanel, and with a very, heavy heart I would NOT recommend this pricey makeup palette. I specifically purchased this for traveling. I have a few trips planned in the future, and I don’t want to travel with my entire makeup collection.

Y’all this was a $100 makeup purchase that I kinda regret (sad face emoji)

Chanel travel case with samples

↑ Black pouch contains two Chanel samples, which is included with every makeup & beauty purchase ↑

Btw, I love ordering Chanel products directly from because their packaging is so elegant. It most definitely is a luxurious online & shipping experience. The box is so pretty, I like to use it to store my accessories in, and then I keep it in my closet.

I’m also impressed with the two samples that comes with every purchase, they always come in their own black Chanel pouch, which is so handy, practical and portable. I use the black pouches for my purse to keep my lip products in or when I travel. You can store hair accessories like bobby pins or hair bands in the pouches as well.

A wrapped Chanel palette

I think Chanel does a great job making sure that their makeup products are securely packaged. I’ve never received any damaged makeup products from Chanel.

~ Btw, rose petals not included with purchase ~

Chanel travel case

The palette itself comes with a luxurious velvety fabric case. It’s a great way of keeping the black exterior from acquiring any scratches or smudges when traveling. It’s just a little bit more protection when you travel with Chanel, that way if shampoo or oil leaks in your luggage the palette is shielded in a nice protective case.

Brand new Chanel palette

↑ There was also a plastic shield that divided the makeup from the mirror ↑

A sample Chanel mascara base

↑ SAMPLE #1 (above) Base Mascara

I’m really impressed with Chanel’s samples, they come with a descent amount of product, perfect size for traveling. I like the mascara base and I know I’ll eventually end up buying the full size version.

↓ SAMPLE #2 (below) Mascara

Chanel’s mascara is very good, but I know I’ll never buy their full size product because I think there are too many affordable drugstore mascara’s that I like.

A sample mascara from Chanel

Even though I’m not super impressed with my Chanel travel palette, I will end up using it any time I travel. So I will travel with Chanel, relunctantly. Personally, I don’t really like to fuss with my makeup when I’m traveling. If my trip is for pleasure I don’t want to spend all my vacation time on my makeup look. And, if it is a business trip I don’t really want to be bothered with too much makeup anyways. I don’t like the idea of traveling with all my makeup, then leaving it in the hotel room where housekeeping can rummage through my things.

Chanel, Life In Color

↓ Yes, I was impressed with the big mirror that comes inside the travel palette. So useful, especially if your hotel room doesn’t have a good mirror or the main mirror is being used by someone else. Or if you’re on a girls trip and your whole crew is hogging the main mirror, no worries, you can huddle in your own little corner with this big mirror.

A Chanel mirror in the travel case

Chanel tools from travel case

I thought all the makeup tools that came with the palette were good quality. I was impressed with the actual palette itself, it seemed like a good quality product, I just didn’t like the makeup (which is the most important part.)

More colors in Chanel palette

A Chanel brush blush tool

I like the blush brush a lot. It’s folds nicely in the palette, but it unfolds to a full size product when needed for applying blush to the cheekbones.

Many colors in Chanel palette

Maybe I’m being too harsh right off the bat. Maybe this is going to be a great travel palette. Maybe I’ll really end up enjoying it. Maybe. I won’t know until I travel with it though. So I’ll do an updated post as soon as I use this palette on vacay.

A travel size Chanel mascara

The travel tube of mascara that comes with the palette is great size, I can’t believe how big it is, very impressed.

Left Side of the Chanel palette

Travel With Chanel – The Left Side

EYES: The left side of the palette comes with three warm eyeshadow colors, and they range from a gold sheer to an intense dark brown. I liked #3 the most, then #5, and #4 was my least favorite – it doesn’t look like it’s gonna blend well. Unfortunately It seems like there is going to be a lot of ‘fall out’ using these colors, so I’ll make sure to do my eyes first before the rest of my face.

LIPS: There were two coral shades of lipstick that came on the left side of the palette. I didn’t really like any of these shades just by swatching them, but maybe I’ll change my mind once I actually use them on my lips. #1 seems too orange for me and I think I much prefer #2.

These are good colors for fall and winter.

Swatches of the left side describes this palette as:

The ultimate travel accessory, this makeup palette features beauty essentials for face, eyes and lips in a versatile range of shades — including two coral and two pink tones for lips, and three warm and three cool eyeshadow shades for a sheer-to-intense eye looks.

The sleek compact includes a mirror and four deluxe applicators alongwith travel mascara for endless possibilities, wherever you are.

Set includes:

  • LES BEIGES Healthy Glow Sheer Colour in N°20
  • Shimmering Blush
  • Eyeshadow in three warm, and three cool shades
  • Lip colour in two coral and two pink shades
  • INIMITABLE Mascara in Noir
  • One deluxe complexion brush
  • One dual-ended brush applicator for lip colour
  • Two dual-ended sponge applicators for eyeshadow

Right side of Chanel palette

Travel With Chanel – The Right Side

EYES: The right side of the palette was the cool side, literally, I just thought they were a lot cooler than the left, they’re much more my colors. The three eyeshadows range from a pink sheer to an intense purple. #9 was my favorite, I liked #8 a lot, and I didn’t like #10 at all. #10 just doesn’t seem like it’s going to blend well, doesn’t it look patchy? Regardless, I know I’m going to be able to work with these color a lot more, especially during Spring & Summer.

LIPS: The two pink lip shades on the right side are much more my colors as well and they were a lot more shimmery and glossy. #7 pops out more than #6.

All the colors on the right side seem perfect to take along on vacation to a tropical island. They are all pretty, fun and bright colors. I think #9 was my favorite shade.

Swatches of the right side of the Chanel palette

Travel With Chanel - So pretty colors in Chanel palette

Travel With Chanel:

Disappointing Blush & Face Powder

↓ As you can see in the image below, the shimmering blush is not shimmery (#12). I’m really disappointed with the color of this blush, and I didn’t like the texture, it seemed too cakey & dry. Both #11 & 12 didn’t swatch nicely, there seemed to be a lot of fall out.

I’m not crazy about the color of the blush, but I can manage. What I’m really disappointed about is #11. I don’t even know how I’m going to use this product, if I’m going to use it at all. As you can see from the image above, #11 is too yellow for me.

I really wish in place of #11 Chanel would have put in a bronzer or highlighter! Seriously, how many skin tones can #11 serve? What about customers with darker skin tones, how is #11 supposed to be of any use to them? Or they could have added another different shade of blush, like a darker berry blush?

#11 & #12 were the most disappointing parts of the palette.

Swatches of Chanel blushes

Would You Travel With Chanel?

So which side was your favorite side of the palette? The right or left? Or neither one? Lol. Do you think I’m being too harsh on this travel palette? What did you think of the blush swatches above, #11 & #12? Do you think Chanel should have switched #11 to different shade of blush, highlighter, or a bronzer? I personally think it should have been a bronzer or highlighter. Do you think this was a $100 purchase? 

Let me know in the comments section below.

Thanks so much!All The Best From Chanel




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  1. September 8, 2018 / 8:48 pm

    This palette is a wonderful concept but the colours, I am not sure about! Totally agree with you on number 11, a highlighter would be a lot better, that colour looks so yellowish! Great review lovely, I hope this palette grows on you since it cost a fair amount of money. xx

    • September 9, 2018 / 1:59 pm

      Thank you so much. I agree with you 100% that it is a wonderful concept. I fell in love with the concept more than with the actual product. #11 was the worse part of the palette. Other than that I hope it does grow on me. These were my first impressions, but I’m most definitely going to pack this for my future trips, and then I’ll do another follow up post. I’m not one to waste something, so reluctantly I’ll use this till it’s finished, or maybe I’ll give it to my mom, either way it won’t go to waste. But next time I’m not going to make such an impulsive, expensive purchase just because it’s Chanel. Hope this post was helpful in any way. Thanks so much for your lovely feedback. Hope you have a beautiful day.

  2. September 20, 2018 / 6:04 pm

    It’s a cute palette but I definitely wouldn’t splurge on it. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion!

    • October 15, 2018 / 12:37 am

      I’m so sorry that I’m barely getting around to responding to your comment, lovely! Thank you so very much for your feedback 🙂 I still haven’t used this palette, ugh…what a waste. Well, so glad you found this info useful, and I hope you have a beautiful day!

  3. Nadine
    January 5, 2019 / 1:21 pm


    Well done!

    One of the best review have ever seen? very complete and honest!

    I’m frenche so maybe sorry for my english

  4. Nadine
    January 5, 2019 / 1:23 pm

    One of the best review have ever seen !!!

    • January 5, 2019 / 2:21 pm

      Thank you so very much, lovely! I truly appreciate the sincere feedback. So glad you enjoyed the post.

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