Naked Cherry. Urban Decay. Cherrylicious?

Naked Cherry – A $49 must-have splurge or an expensive waste?

A Cherry Naked eyeshadow palette

Naked Cherry is a Fun Splurge but not a must-have.

Splurge is the key word here, friends. If you’re currently in a financial situation where you are watching every single dollar you spend, then this Naked Cherry palette is not a wise purchase. I’m torn about how I feel with this new Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. I don’t think it’s a practical purchase, but it can be a fun edition to your makeup collection. If you’re looking for an everyday must-have eyeshadow palette that’ll work in all situations, sadly, this new Naked Cherry is not what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, I have to add, this new Urban Decay product is not worth $49. The eyeshadow shades are not fabulous enough to warrant such an expensive price tag.

An eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay

Naked Cherry Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette: ⊕ Pros & ⊗ Cons

Fun & Trendy eyeshadow shades

Sexy Vibe

Big mirror

Can be a fun new palette to add to your makeup station

 100% cruelty-free

The synthetic brush doesn’t pick up enough color. I had to use my finger tips with the metallic shades to get that full effect on my eyelids.

Too expensive

Colors are not original enough

Too many overly brown, neutral, and gold shades.

 Not enough pink, cherry, burgundy or plum shades.

Major fall off with darker shades

 A lot of eyeshadow needs to be used to get the desired cherry-hued effect

 Not fabulous enough to warrant the high price

 Mattes are a bit chalky

 Pigment could be better

Tones are more neutral than they are cherry-hued.

Colors don’t seem as fabulous as they do on the box or in advertisements.

Colors didn’t blend well and they blended away.

A cherry bomb eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay

The Naked Cherry palette is so pretty to look at, but it’s not $49 pretty. The mattes feel chalky, and they have to be layered to achieve the desired effect. There were way too many neutral and brown looking shades. Not enough pink, plum, or cherry looking shades. Overall I don’t think the metallics shades are pigmented enough. With the darker mattes I experienced major fall out, so you’re gonna probably want to do your eyes before you apply makeup to the rest of your face. None of these colors knocked my socks off, they seem familiar, nothing original. “Bang Bang” is my favorite color out of the entire palette. I also really liked “Hot Spot” it had a very subtle baby pink tint to it. “Bing” is a very pretty deep matte mauve color.

A swatching of eyeshadows

The lighter matte and metallic shades shown ↑above & below↓:

  • Turn On (pale metallic rose shimmer)
  • Juicy (soft warm peach)
  • Feelz (soft dusty rose matte)
  • Bang Bang (shimmering pink with gold shift and iridescent micro-sparkle)
  • Caution (soft neutral beige matte)
  • Hot Spot (ivory matte)

First half of the Urban Decay makeup palette

Swatches of eye color

The darker matte and metallic shades shown ↑above & below↓:

  • Privacy (deep brownish-plum matte)
  • Drunk Dial (deep metallic Burgundy)
  • Young Love (metallic cranberry)
  • Devilish (red plum matte)
  • Bing (deep mauve matte)
  • Ambitious (metallic rose copper)

Second half of eye palette

Beware: the ads & the picture on the product box itself misrepresents the shades in the Naked Cherry eyeshadow palette.

The Naked Cherry shades did leave me with a nice overall pink glow to my face. I don’t regret buying this palette, but I do think the ads and the picture on the product box itself misrepresents the colors – all the professional photography for this campaign makes the colors look way more Cherrylicious than they really are, so beware.

The big tip of a makeup brush

I have always liked the quality of the makeup brushes included in the Urban Decay palettes, the one included in the Naked Cherry is very nice as well. However, it is a synthetic type of brush and I felt that it didn’t pick up a lot of product, so I had to use my finger tips when applying metallic shades to really get a dramatic cherry look.

The small tip of the makeup brush

A cute makeup brush from UD

The colors blend away and they don’t blend well and the shades are not super pigmented. Seriously, I had to really layer all the colors together to get that “cherry” hued effect, and, I hate having a caked on face. The synthetic brush that came with the palette is very nice as I stated earlier, but it didn’t apply the eyeshadows on my eyelids good enough, so I had to use my fingers to apply the metallic shades to really get a strong ‘cherry’ look. If this was a $25 dollar palette, I would praise it way more, but it’s not, it’s a $50 over hyped makeup splurge. This was not a horrible product but not a fantastic product either.

The Urban Decay Cherry eyeshadow palette

Do you think Naked Cherry from Urban Decay is cherrylicious and worthy of a purchase or a ridiculous $49 waste? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much!


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  1. November 6, 2018 / 4:15 am

    I really didn’t expect this to be a bummer. Especially since the old Naked palettes used to be so amazing. I really hate it when shadows blend away. If you’re paying 50$ for a palette you should not have to layer it in order to get a proper look. I do think that the colour selection in this palette is very unique, but since the quality is this much of a bummer I wouldn’t buy it.

    • December 22, 2018 / 9:43 pm

      I’m so very sorry that it took me so long to write back, lovely! This palette was a total bummer, imo. Hope this info helped. Happy New Year.

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