Sugar Fish: A Superior & Satisfying Sushi Experience in LA.

Sugar Fish

The Front entrance of Sugar Fish in Brentwood, CA

Sugar Fish – Happiness is a sushi date 

Seriously, thank you social media! If it weren’t for Instagram this post wouldn’t exist. I discovered Sugar Fish a couple of years ago, a ton of Instagrammers were posting their mouth watering pictures, and I just had to try it for myself. I’ve always driven by the Sugar Fish locations, but I never dined in them, and I’m so glad I did. If you’re looking for a high quality, no fuss, very simple sushi meal – Sugar Fish. This is not the place to come if you’re craving westernized sushi, you know what I’m talking about? The California roll, Dragon roll, Rainbow roll, etc. This place focuses on nigiri sushi (a slice of fish on top of rice instead of a roll). Traditional, high quality sushi.

There are about ten locations sprinkled throughout the Los Angeles area, but my favorite location by far is the one in Brentwood. We’ve gone to the Beverly Hills & Pasadena restaurants, but the one we keep going back to is the one in Brentwood. The eateries are modern, small, sleek and straightforward. They don’t accept reservations, first come first serve, whatever seating is available when you arrive.

Is this place cheap? No. Is it affordable? Yes. Can it get expensive? Absolutely! Keep on scrolling down and let me explain.

A collage of our first course from Sugar Fish

THE NOZAWA TRUST MEOrganic Edamame | Tuna Sashimi Albacore Sushi (2-pc) | Salmon Sushi (2-pc) | Snapper* Sushi (2-pc) | Yellowtail Sushi (2-pc) | Hirame** Sushi (2-pc) | Toro Hand Roll Blue Crab & Hand Roll “Daily Special” (2-pc) – $42.00

  • (above) Lightly salted organic edamame and a generous portion of tuna sashimi.
We like to order The Nozawa Trust Me. My husband orders one and I order one. Also, you can split this meal with whomever you’re eating with and just order other pieces of sushi from the menu, especially if you want more variety. Actually, I think that’s what we’re gonna be doing from now on, because if you go often, their menu can get a little monotonous. If you’re curious about this place, but don’t want to spend too much money, split the Nozawa, and see how you feel about it.
Or you can also order the ↓

TRUST ME $32: Organic Edamame | Tuna Sashimi | Albacore Sushi (2-pc) | Salmon Sushi (2-pc) | Yellowtail Sushi (2-pc) | Snapper* Sushi (1-pc) | Hirame** Sushi (1-pc) | Toro Hand Roll Blue Crab Hand Roll

OR ↓

TRUST ME LITE $22: Organic Edamame | Tuna Sashimi | Albacore Sushi (1-pc) | Salmon Sushi (1-pc) | Yellowtail Sushi (1-pc) | Nozawa-style Shrimp Sushi (1-pc) | Toro Hand Roll

Salmon Sushi from Sugar Fish

  • (above) Albacore, salmon, and yellowtail sushi.

The salmon is as soft as butter, the rice is warm and tender, and it all just melts in your mouth. The staff brings out a single plate of sushi at a time, and when it is finished they bring out the next plate. The entire order is not brought out all at once, that way your rice doesn’t get cold. They’d prefer that you eat your food immediately instead of letting your food just sit as you carry on a conversation. Each plate is served as soon as it is prepared, they don’t want you to wait to eat. This eatery is not for the lollygaggers, but for the eaters. Eat, enjoy, and get out.

Single serving of salmon sushi

A second collage of Sugar fish sushi

  • (above) Snapper, hirame, and daily special sushi. On the side: soy sauce, ginger, wasabi, and sake.

Me eating Sugar Fish sushi

I was so embarrassed because these Sugar Fish restaurants are not big at all, in fact, the seating is very close together, so taking pictures is super awkward. But can you see how I’m lovingly looking at my sushi? Lol, I was in heaven.

A third Sugar Fish collage of sushi

  • (above) albacore belly sushi.

Two orders of hand rolls from Sugar Fish

  • (above) Blue crab hand roll & a daily special hand roll.

Me holding a bottle of sake at Sugar Fish

  • (above) a bottle of sake that I tried and that I didn’t like too much. I thought it was too sweet.

A collage with unagi sushi

  • (above) Unagi. Two salmon rolls & two lobster rolls.

A sugar fish sign outside their restaurant



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